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ENA Distillery Upgrade in Sierra Leone

A distillery upgrade in Sierra Leone enables the company to produce an additional 100,000 LPD (100M³) of extra neutral alcohol (“ENA”). The ENA is produced from sugarcane to a very high specification that exceeds the requirements of international alcohol blending and distributions companies.

The ENA is available for sale either as a bulk cargo and in ISO tanks or drums. Distribution is from own bulk storage tanks via the port of Freetown in Sierra Leone. Vendor managed inventory services are available.

The latest independent production analysis report from SGS is available below:

Alcoholic strength: 96 % vol (OIML-73)

Appearance: Bright and clear liquid (SGS SPI 402)

Colour: Platinum-Cobalt (ASTM D 1209)

Methanol: <5 mg/kg (OGC-TG-ETOH-02)

Please download the full report: 2020 ENA Analytical Report and Specification


The distillery upgrade comprises of a three columns and was designed and built by Praj of India.

ENA Distillery Upgrade

ENA 100,000 LPD distillery upgrade.

ENA 100,000 LPD distillery upgrade

ENA 100,000 LPD distillery upgrade at Sunbird Bioenergy Sierra Leone.


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