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Sunbird bioenergy Sustainability Team Visits Rural Village in Sierra Leone
UN Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs


Our purpose is to lead the energy transition across Africa, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create employment and prosperity.


Our bioenergy projects produce renewable fuel and low-carbon power:

  • Cheaper and cleaner than imported energy

  • Creates substantial direct jobs and economic opportunities for small-scale farmers and out-growers

  • Reduces greenhouse gasses (GHGs) by up to 80%


We are a responsible employer and develop our staff and protect our environment:

  • Training and apprenticeship programs

  • Gender equality

  • Conserve water and protect local water systems 

  • Maintain eco-corridors and enhance local wildlife

  • Work in partnership to develop community projects


Bioenergy projects deliver a local economic multiplier as well as develop local farming and other commercial skills. This, combined with our corporate social responsibility programs are increasing prosperity for the whole community:

  • Raising rural income above the poverty line

  • Increasing food security 

  • Increasing nutrition

UN SDGs 7, 8 and 13.
UN SDGs 5, 5, 6, 15 and 17.
UN SDGs 1 and 2.

Sustainable Development Goals

We contribute directly to the UN Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs)

SDG 07

Clean Affordable Energy

Renewable fuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% and help countries meet their COP21 carbon dioxide reduction targets. 

SDG 08

Work and Economic Growth

Quality employment is created within the biorefinery, and substantial economic opportunities are created for small-holder farmers and out-growers.

SDG 04


Training, apprenticeships, knowledge transfer, and best practices help develop our employees, small-scale farmers and out-growers, and reach their potential. 

Sustainability in Detail

Sustainability is deeply embedded in Sunbird Bioenergy’s everyday business.

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