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Congratulations HH

The Board, Managment and Staff of Sunbird Bioenergy Zambia join the nation in congratulating the President His Excellency, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and Vice President Her Honour, Mrs. Mutale Nalumango, on their inauguration to the office of President and Vice President of Zambia.

Sunbird Bioenergy Zambia remains committed to complete our large scale renewable fuel and power project to serve the people of Zambia.

Our bioenergy project in Kawambwa is a strategic project for Zambia that will produce 20% of the country’s petroleum in a cassava-to-bioethanol biorefinery. At full operating capacity, it will produce:

  • 120 million litres of bioethanol per annum

  • 32 MW of renewable power

The project has been designed to be a benchmark for sustainable investment in Africa and will deliver on many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (or “SDGs”). The benefits for the country include:

  • 20,000 economic opportunities for cassava out-growers

  • 500 jobs at the biorefinery

  • $100 million import substitution of petroleum products

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Deliver energy security

"We look forwarding to contributing to HH's economic and environmental development agenda and serving the people of Zambia. As we approach COP26, our project in Kawamwba demonstrates to the world how bioenergy can both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create substantial benefits including reducing fuel prices, import substitution and economic opportunities in rural communities" Richard Bennett, CEO.

About Sunbird Bioenergy

Sunbird Bioenergy is a developer and operator of large-scale renewable fuel and low-carbon power projects leading the net-zero energy transition in Africa. Our ambition is to become the largest renewable fuel producer across Africa.

Our vision is to create a compelling 21st-century energy company that leads Africa’s energy transition to a net-zero and energy independent future that will both reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create employment and prosperity. We believe Africa's prosperity will come from being energy independent and a net producer and exporter of renewable energy. We are developing a portfolio of large-scale renewable energy projects that utilise Africa's sustainable natural resources to deliver low-carbon renewable fuel and power to support the energy transition to a net-zero economy.


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