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Sunbird Bioenergy Renewable Fuel Storage Tanks

Our Net-Zero Journey

Sunbird Bioenergy is a developer and operator of large-scale renewable fuel and low-carbon power projects leading the net-zero energy transition in Africa.

Cape Town at Night

Energy Transition

Bioenergy plays a vital role in the energy transition to decarbonise the transportation and power sectors. 

Woman refuelling car with biofuel

Fuelling Africa's Growth

Utilising Africa's sustainable natural resources for a net-zero and energy independent future.

Africa has big energy requirements that require big solutions, this is not a time to tinker around the edges.

Delivering for all Stakeholders

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Renewable fuel and power produced from bioenergy substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Security

Domestic production of renewable energy ensures reliable supply and insulates from price shocks.

Import Substitution

Reduced importation of fuel reduces foreign exchange and redirects funds into the domestic economy. 

Job Creation

New skilled jobs created in administration, logistics, maintenance, operations, process engineering and R&D.

Economic Opportuniites

Associated out-grower programs create substantial economic opportunities for small-scale farmers.

Economic Multipler

Increased infrastructure and local wealth contributes to rural development and poverty alleviation. 

Net-Zero Vision

Sunbird bioenergy Cassava and Wind Farm Renewable Energy Project

Our vision is to create a compelling 21st-century energy company that leads Africa’s energy transition to a net-zero and energy independent future. 

We believe Africa's prosperity will come from being energy independent and a net producer and exporter of renewable energy.

Africa is blessed with substantial natural resources such as solar, hydro, wind and land that can be utilised to produce sufficient renewable energy for Africa to become self-sufficient and power its own growth with renewable energy with excess production available for export. 


The energy transition provides Africa with an opportunity to 'leap frog' the fossil fuel industry and go direct to a decentralised low-carbon production model and deploy renewable fuel and electricity directly within all cities and rural communities. 


Energy is the vital ingredient for economic growth, and affordable low-carbon renewable fuels and power will increase the rate of economic development across the continent.​

Renewable Fuels

Sunbird Bioenergy Green Biofuel Pump

Renewable fuel or biofuel is regarded as a drop-in substitute for petrol and diesel. It is a transition fuel that will immediately reduce emissions without any changes to current engine technology. 

Renewable fuel produced by Sunbird delivers up to 80% saving of carbon dioxide emissions. 


Produced in a biorefinery from sustainably produced agricultural feedstock, solid municipal waste (MSW) and other waste products, it is blended with fossil fuel and retailed through conventional fuel pumps at retail refuelling stations in the following blending ratios: ​

  • Petrol (E5, E10, E20 or E85) 

  • Diesel (B5, B20 or B100

Renewable Power

Renewable Power in Africa Concept

Renewable power derived from bioenergy provides low-carbon baseload electricity 24*7.

Agricultural waste from the renewable fuel process is converted into carbon-neutral power either by anaerobic digestion or a thermal power plant.


This baseload power offsets the variability of other renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind, and is vital to maintain stability of electricity networks and grids. 

Future Fuels

Sunbird Bioenergy Green Hydrogen Refuelling Pump

Bioenergy will support the future transition to hydrogen and electrification.

As the energy transition progresses, the energy mix will likely migrate to electrification for urban vehicles, and low-carbon fuels such as hydrogen, methanol, ammonia and SAF for commercial vehicles, maritime vessels and aviation.  ​ 

Sunbird has a development roadmap to produce these renewable fuels. The first step is to produce green hydrogen from our excess renewable power for early adopters, particularly the extractive mining industries, who are switching to fuel cell vehicles for their underground mining operations. 

Energy Export

Sunbird Bioenergy Green Ammonia Export and Fertiliser Feedstock

Excess hydrogen production can be converted into ammonia for energy export or green fertiliser.

Excess hydrogen production can be converted into green ammonia for export. Ammonia is an effective carrier of hydrogen and is a liquid that is easy to transport. It will enable Africa to become an exporter of energy. 

Green ammonia can also be used to produce Green fertiliser that can help decarbonise the agricultural sector and further reduce imports. 

Sustainable Mission

Sunbird Bioenergy Renewable Fuel Distribution Tanker

Sunbird Bioenergy's ambition is to become the largest renewable fuel producer across Africa and drive the net-zero energy transition.

We are developing a portfolio of large-scale renewable energy projects that utilise Africa's sustainable natural resources to deliver low-carbon renewable fuel and power to support the energy transition to a net-zero economy.


Today, we produce clean and cost-competitive fuel for consumers and business customers. Our renewable fuel saves up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and is compatible with all existing fuel distribution and engine technologies.


The decarbonisation of the transportation sector will likely lead to electrification for urban vehicles, and low-carbon fuels such as hydrogen, methanol, ammonia and SAF for commercial vehicles, maritime vessels and aviation. Our future fuels initiative provides a roadmap to commercialise and scale-up production of these low-carbon fuels and give consumers and business the confidence and ability to implement their own net-zero strategies.


The implementation of renewable fuel projects across Africa will reduce fuel imports,  create substantial employment and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. Africa has sufficient, sustainable natural resources to develop a renewable fuel and power industry that could make the continent energy independent and enable a net-zero future. 

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