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Social Governance


Sunbird's purpose is to lead the energy transition across Africa, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create employment and prosperity.


The Directors recognise the importance of good social governance and are committed to operating in a socially responsible way.


In anticipation of our stock market listing, we have chosen to implement ISO 26000, providing guidance for those who recognise that respect for society and the environment is a critical success factor.


We translate the principles into effective actions and shares best practices within our sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs, and include:

  • Community Development

  • Health and Safety

  • Human Rights

  • Inclusion and Diversity

  • Labour Standards and Working Conditions

  • Social Enterprise Partnering

  • Stakeholder Relations

Details of how the Company addresses ISO 26000 will be found in the Company’s next annual report.

Richard Bennett, Chairman, Sunbird Bioenergy

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