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A nucleus farm and out-grower programs produce sustainable feedstock.

Cassava farm growing sustainable bioenergy feedstock


The biorefinery converts sustainable feedstock into low-carbon renewable fuel and power.

Biorefinery converts sustainable cassava feedstock it renewable fuel and power

Sales &

Renewable fuel and power are distributed to regional customers.

Tanker distributing bioethanol ad renewable fuel in Africa
Sunbird Bioenergy sugarcane Feld with Centre Pivot Irrigation

Sustainable Feedstock

Biorefinery that converts sugarcane and cassava feedstock it renewable fuel and power


Sales and Distribution

Renewable Fuel Project Developers

Sunbird Bioenergy partners to develop renewable fuel projects that decarbonise industrial sectors, particularly Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Our team and development partners, can design, construct and operate  biorefineries that produce renewable fuel for industries including: Agriculture, Aviation, Cement, Maritime, Mining and Power. 

A viable project comprises of:


Sunbird Bioenergy sugarcane Feld Near Rokel River

Each project requires a source of sustainable feedstock for the biorefinery.

Sufficient land and/or an out-grower program to source sustainable feedstock for the project.

Typical feedstock includes:

  • Sugarcane

  • Cassava

  • Oilseeds

  • Agricultural waste

  • Solid municipal waste (MSW)

Renewable Fuel & Power

Sunbird Bioenergy Green Biofuel Pump

The biorefinery converts sustainable feedstock into renewable fuel and other by-products. 

Typically, our biorefineries have an annual production capacity of approximately 100 million of renewable fuel (the equivalent of 7.9 million barrels of petroleum):

  • Bioethanol (anhydrous ethyl alcohol v/v 99.6%)

  • Biodiesel 


Our renewable fuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) by up to 80%. They are blended with fossil fuel and retailed through conventional fuel pumps at retail refuelling stations in the following blending ratios: ​

  • Petrol (E5, E10, E20 or E85) 

  • Diesel (B5, B20 or B100


Renewable fuel and power is sold to domestic customers and exported.

A clear route to market. Preferably with long-term domestic off-take agreements and/or export contracts.

Domestic Consumption:

  • Domestic fuel blending program

  • Clean-cooking program

  • Industrial customers


  • Access to commercial port

Future Fuels

Green Hydrogen Refuelling Station Sign

The biorefinery will support the future transition to hydrogen and electrification.

Sunbird has a development roadmap to produce future renewable fuels, including:

  • Green hydrogen

  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

  • Green ammonia

  • Methanol  

For Developers

Sunbird Bioenergy partners with organisations and entrepreneurs to develop renewable fuel projects.

Contact Us

We are always interested to learn about new projects.

If you wish to develop a renewable fuel project and have all or some of the components then contact our development team. 

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