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Renewable Fuel

Bioethanol (anhydrous fuel ethanol) for blending with mogas is available for sale as a bulk cargo. Distribution is from its own bulk storage tanks via the port of Freetown in Sierra Leone.

  • Anhydrous fuel ethanol (EN 15376) 99.65 % vol

  • Liquid biomethane (LBM) 

Sunbird Bioenergy Extra Neutral Alcohol and Ethanol Bulk Storage Tanks

Ethanol (ENA)

We can export bulk liquid cargoes of alcohols:​

  • Industrial alcohol

  • Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)

  • Rectified Spirit (RS)

  • Medical grade alcohol and hand sanitizer

Sunbird Bioenergy ENA ISO Tank

Renewable Power

We can provide renewable power and heat to customers directly connected to our grid or 'wheel' power to industrial customers via the national grid.

Sunbid Bioenergy Renewabl Power Distribution Switch Gear


High quality crystallised 'white sugar' for food, baking and the drinks industry. Available from 2022. 

  • ICUMSA 150

Sunbird Bioenergy Sugar (ICUMSA-150) Warehouse


Carbon Dioxide

Dried cassava for the food, baking and ethanol industry, available FOB Dar es Salam.

  • Cassava chips

  • Cassava flour

Industrial and food-grade carbon dioxide (CO2).

  • Compressed (bottled)

  • Dry ice

Sunbird Bioenergy Cassava Chips for Distribution
Sunbird Bioenergy dry ice and bottled carbon dioxide for the beverage industry

Exchange of electricity between countries or regions within the African  continent. We trade electricity to meet demand, optimise resources, and stabilise grids. This service promotes energy security, efficiency, and affordability by leveraging surplus power from one area to meet shortages in another. With the aid of advanced technologies and interconnection infrastructure, power trading enables smoother integration of renewable energy sources, fostering sustainability. 

Power Trading

Sunbird Bioenergy Ethanol Bulk Storage Tanks

Products and Sales

Renewable Fuels, Ethanol (ENA) and Low-Carbon Power

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