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5,000 Ha of New Sugarcane Reaches Maturity

Sunbird Bioenergy Sierra Leone planted more than 5,000 Ha of new sugarcane in 2019 which will be harvested and processed into extra neutral alcohol (“ENA”) and bioethanol during the 2019/220 crush. The waste bagasse (“biomass”) will be converted into renewable electricity.

5,000 Ha of New Sugarcane at SBSL

5,000 Ha of new sugarcane planted in 2019

The harvesting season shall run from December 2019 through to May 2020. The company will continue with its plans to plant a total of 10,000 Ha of new sugarcane and add a new sugar production line.

5,000 Ha of new sugarcane reaches maturity at Sunbird Bioenergy Sierra Leone

A distillery upgrade will be commissioned in January 2020 to enable the production of 100,000 litres per day of extra neutral alcohol. The extra neutral alcohol ENA and bioethanol biofuel is available for export from the port of Freetown in Sierra Leone.


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