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2020 Sugarcane Harvest and Crush to Produce ENA and Bioethanol

The 2020 sugarcane harvest and crush has commenced, and includes the harvest of the 5,000 Ha of sugarcane that we planted in the 2019 season. The company has more than 8,000 seasonal workers during harvesting season, and is the largest employer in the region.

SBSL Harvest and Crush

2020 Sugarcane Harvest and Crush in Sierra Leone

The sugarcane is being processed in our biorefinery into extra neutral alcohol (“ENA”) and bioethanol (“biofuel” for blending with Mogas e.g. E10). These ethanol products are available for export from our bulk storage facility via the port of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

SBSL Biorefinery

SBSL biorefinery produces ENA and bioethanol


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