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Convert CO₂ from plants into biochar for long-term carbon sequestration.


Biogas (or green-gas) is a low-carbon fuel for combined heat and power (CHP) plants. 

Cook Stoves

Cookstoves fuelled by bioethanol or biogas prevent deforestation and reduce CO₂ emissions. 


Aforestation, deforestation, tree-planting and nature based carbon sequestration projects.  

Soil Carbon

Soil enhancements and  biochar for long-term carbon sequestration.


Replacing diesel generators with solar power offsets GHG emissions.


Safe water projects and household water treatment solutions with positive environmental impact.


Protection and restoration of wetlands because they are larger stores of carbon than the world's forests.  

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Carbon Finance and Project Development

Investing for a carbon neutral future

We invest in nature-based sustainable development projects that yield carbon credits.


NOCOO is a carbon finance and project development company.


We are uniquely positioned to identify emerging opportunities in the natural capital and sustainable impact sectors. Our capabilities include:

  • Origination of projects that reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂) and other Green House Gas (GHG) emissions

  • Project finance

  • Carbon compliance

  • Local project management

  • Carbon credit commercialisation

Financing and developing high-impact climate mitigation projects

We are originating and developing a global portfolio of projects under a range of different methodologies that both avoid and remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.  

We generate large volumes of carbon credits each year, which we pay as a dividend to our investors. 

Sunstove Clean Cooking

Sunstove provides bioethanol cooking technology and fuel that enables regional operators to scale-up their clean cooking initiatives and deliver tangible social and environmental impact

Carbon 1

Carbon 1 is a climate technology company with a breakthrough, scalable carbon removal solution. We convert CO₂ from plants into biochar (stable carbon) and lock it away for 1,000 years.

Island Power

Island Power is a developer of renewable energy solutions and green hydrogen hubs that deliver on energy security and sustainable tourism for islands nations. 

Portfolio of Nature Based Investments

One of the key tools to tackle climate change is the carbon markets, through which organisations can trade emissions allowances to achieve reduction targets. The vast majority of funding provided by carbon markets is allocated to nature-based solutions (NBS). These are focused on the protection, restoration, and management of natural and modified ecosystems. 

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