Bioenergy technology

Biomass Power Station

A biomass power station is a facility that converts biomass into thermal power.

Bioenergy Power

Bioenergy Power


A biorefinery is a facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce fuels, and specifically in our case bioethanol.

Typically, each of our biorefineries has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tonnes of bioethanol (or approximately 110 million litres of bioethanol or the equivalent of 7.9 million barrels of petroleum). The primary biorefinery processes to produce fuel-grade bioethanol are:


A preprocessing line prepares the feedstock for fermentation. Water and other additives are added to produce a mash.

Bioenergy Pre Treatment

Cassava pretreatment and saccharification line (the process of producing fermentable sugars from starch)


The mash is fermented to produce a beer with a low alcohol content.

Fermentation tanks

Fermentation tanks


The beer is distilled to produce an spirit with an alcohol content of more than 95%. Producing high purity spirit (potable) alcohol.

Triple distillation towers

Triple distillation towers


A molecular sieve removes remaining water to produce to produce fuel-grade anhydrous bioethanol.

Molecular sieve

Distillartion towers and molecular sieve