Sustainable Development

Delivering on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Sunbird Bioenergy is committed to delivering upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals (or “SDGs”) for our host governments and communities, and maintains strong Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (or “ESGs”) for our investors.

Renewable Energy

SDG 7 Clean EnergySDG 8 Decent Work and Economic GrowthSDG 9 Industry Innovation Infrastructure

Sunbird Bioenergy develops and operates large-scale renewable fuel and renewable electricity projects that make significant carbon emission reductions for our host countries. Typically, each project comprises of new industrial infrastructure, including a biorefinery and power generation, and creates long-term employment and economic development. Locally produced fuels also deliver import substitution and energy security, all of which contribute to economic growth.

Equal Opportunity

SDG 4 Quality EducationSDG 5 Gender EqualitySDG 10 Reduced Inequalities

The company provides equal opportunities for jobs and training to all members of the local communities. These jobs are often taken by women which reduces local gender inequality. At each each project, education and training programs are implemented to develop the skills of the local communities, particularly in agriculture and engineering, so that they are self sufficient and require minimum expatriate support.

Rural Development

SDG 1 No PovertySDG 2 Zero HungerSDG 3 Good Health

Each project delivers long-term sustainable employment at the project site and for local small-holder farmers/out-growers. This income raises families above the poverty line and contributes to improved well-being and health.

Protecting the Environment

SDG 15 Life on LandSDG 6 Clean Water

Every project not only exceeds local environmental legislation for land and water usage, but also aims to improve the local environment. This includes creating eco-corridors for wildlife and fauna, and constructing water treatment facilities.

Working in Partnership with Stakeholders

SDG 11 Sustainable CommunitiesSDG 17 Partnerships

We partner with our host governments and other stakeholders to deliver renewable fuels and power to contribute to sustainable cities and communities. The resulting import substitution, energy security and job creation all contribute to substantial sustainable economic and social development.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Reporting

Sunbird Bioenergy is implementing the ESG principles of environmental, social and governance within our business, and committed to transparently sharing ESG information with our investors through our annual report and website. ESG reporting includes:

Environmental Reporting

Climate Change

The threat of climate change and the depletion of natural resources around the world has grown. Sunbird Bioenergy will make a positive contribution to reducing carbon emissions:

  • Company carbon footprint
  • Contribution of displacing fossil fuels with low-carbon biofuel and reducing emissions globally

Sustainable Development

Our host communities are amongst the poorest in the world, and our projects are intrinsically designed to deliver long-term sustainable development:

  • Job creation
  • Local poverty alleviation
  • Education and training

Social Reporting


The company seeks to develop a broad pool of talent and provide equal opportunities and pay:

  • Gender equality

Human rights

The impact on local communities and throughout the company’s supply chain.

Corporate Governance Reporting

Corporate governance covers the area of investigation into the rights and responsibilities of the management of a company—its board, shareholders and the various stakeholders in that company, including:

  • Employee relations
  • Executive compensation
  • Employee compensation