Sunbird Bioenergy Africa is a developer and operator of large-scale renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our focus is on bioenergy projects that produce low-carbon transportation fuels and electricity from sustainable biomass feedstock including sugarcane, cassava and other biomass.

The economic growth and prosperity of Sub-Saharan Africa is directly linked to energy availability, and today the majority of energy is imported, which drains a country’s valuable foreign currency reserves. It is our strategy to work with our host African governments to utilise their abundant natural resources to produce renewable energy, and in doing so, help them meet some of their most strategic goals:

  • Produce renewable energy (electricity and transportation fuels) from local sustainable feedstock
  • Create skilled emplyment opportunities at the operatng plants snd factories
  • Provide economic opportunities for small-scale farmers through significant out-grower schemes
  • Deliver import substitution of oil, thus reducing the externalisation of local currency
  • Reduce emissions of carbon dioxide

“Africa has big energy requirements that require big solutions, this is not a time to tinker around the edges” The World Bank.

Value-Added Agriculture and Crop Processing Zones

Sub-Saharan Africa has very significant available natural resources for producing crops; high land availability, renewable water resources and high solar energy. However, what the majority of farmers lack is a market. Most farming areas are remote, and it is not economic for farmers to transport their crops, wether that is to large city markets in country or higher value markets abroad. Therefore, rural farmers are not limited by their resources but are instead limited by having no local market for their crops.

Therefore it is essential to locally add-value to a crop in order to make a profit. Sunbird Bioenergy is building on the African model of Agro-Processing Zones (APZ) by developing and operating large-scale processing plants in rural communities. Our primary expertise is in developing and operating plants that produce bioethanol, electricity and other by-products such as starch. We then source sustainable feedstock and provide a market for local farmers.

Our model is to operate an agricultural nursery and nucleus farm where we can demonstrate best practice and train rural farmers in sustainable farming techniques. This will assist them to increase their yields and profitability and become successful out-growers for the processing plant. Our vision is for this to become a launchpad to develop rural out-growers into small-scale farmers and help turn substance farming into and agricultural career. Typically, we aim to train and provide a market for more than 10,000 farmers at each project site.

Delivering for all Stakeholders

Sunbird Bioenergy strives to achieve significant impact through the delivery of our projects. We attribute our success to a business model that delivers for all of our stake holders.

  • Employees
  • Small-scale farmers
  • Government
  • Investors